Issue 19 Page 27
July 9, 2022
Issue 19 Page 27
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Issue 19 Page 27 July 9, 2022

Author Notes:

Owo, what dis?

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Sisari: "I expect a detailed report of your findings."

"Present it to the Assembly once you have uncovered the cause and a plan for the fix."

Blinx: "O-of course."

Fahrook: "How the hell did she reach the head of the Assembly?"

Blinx: "She remains popular among the traditionalists."

Fahrook: "And none of them have to work with her."

"Well, whatever. We need to track down the cause of this aetherstorm and assess the damage."

Blinx: "Right away, sir."

Panel Note: Later...

Fahrook: "Everything seems normal."

"Hold on, what's this?"

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