Issue 19 Page 29
July 28, 2022
Issue 19 Page 29
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Issue 19 Page 29 July 28, 2022

Author Notes:

Getting called to the principal's office.

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Fahrook: "If we pause the project, Sisari w ill have my hide."

Blinx: "She does seem to be enamoured with the idea of your failure."

Fahrook: "You have no idea."

Fahrook: "She would be elated to have someone as cruel as her in charge of the project."

"Someone that gleefully tortures the mortals before ripping their souls out of their bodies."

"But the Assembly wanted my expertise, for the safety of the Dragons within the mortal shells."

"So my failure would result in the Assembly allowing her to name my replacement."

Assembly Dragon: "Fahrook, the Assembly requests your presence."

Fahrook: "Here it comes."

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