Issue 19 Page 41
August 25, 2022
Issue 19 Page 41
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Issue 19 Page 41 August 25, 2022

Author Notes:

C'mon, Fahrook. Pull yourself together.

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Taisherou: "C'mon man, would you want Aisha to see you like this?"

"Just hear me out, at least?"

Fahrook: "Fine."

Taisherou: "There's only one way to trap one of us, right?"

Fahrook: "That we know of."

Taisherou: "And you happen to be an expert at that, right?"

Taisherou: "So if we can get to Aisha, we can find the orb she's trapped in"

"And you can release her."

Leilani: "I know where Aisha is being held. I can take you to her."

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