Issue 19 Page 42
August 27, 2022
Issue 19 Page 42
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Issue 19 Page 42 August 27, 2022

Author Notes:

God. That sounds unpleasant.

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Fahrook: "YOU?!"

"Can we even trust you?"

"Aisha is in this mess because of you."

Leilani: "I'm afraid you don't havea choice. You cannot succeed without my help."

Taisherou: "Before we rush headlong into this endeavor, there's one other matter."

"We can't remain on Kaerwyn if we pull this off."

"We'll have to go elsewhere."

Fahrook: "I know a place we can go. A side project I was working on with Aisha."

"In the physical realms."

Taisherou: "Doesn't that mean we...?"

Fahrook: "Yes, we have to bind ourselves as gods to the world."

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