Issue 19 Page 44
September 1, 2022
Issue 19 Page 44
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Issue 19 Page 44 September 1, 2022

Author Notes:

'Dragons' aren't always dragon shaped.

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Fahrook: "Seeing how we have no time to waste, what is your plan?"

Taisherou, Voice Over: "Leilani shows us where Aisha is being held."

"We'll go in our casual forms to appear more relaxed."

Fahrook, Voice Over: "Leilani isn't going with us?"

Leilani, Voice Over: "It is best I remain separate from this endeavor."

Taisherou, Voice Over: "No doubt there are guards expecting some pushback from Fahrook."

Fahrook, Voice Over: "Of course."

Steve, the weird looking one: "What do you want, Taisherou?"

Taisherou: "Well, hi to you too, Steve."

Little Green Dragon: "No one can see Aisha."

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