Issue 19 Page 46
September 6, 2022
Issue 19 Page 46
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Issue 19 Page 46 September 6, 2022

Author Notes:

Taisherou channeling a little plain, simple Garak there.

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Taisherou, Voice Over: "The Guards won't buy it either. But I'll be there conjuring up so many half-truths and bald faced lies that they'll be distracted and enthralled by the audacity of my approach."

Taisherou, Voice Over: "Which gives you time to get in and get her out."

Fahrook: "There's no way this can work."

Taisherou: "It has to. What other choice do we have?"

"Let them force her into reincarnation?"

Leilani: "Time is not on your side, Fahrook."

"You must act."

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