Issue 19 Page 47
September 8, 2022
Issue 19 Page 47
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Issue 19 Page 47 September 8, 2022

Author Notes:

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

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Fahrook, Voice Over: "Alright, so back to the plan."

Taisherou, Voice Over: "Right, you follow Leilani's instructions to get to Aisha."

"I will handle the guards."

Taisherou: "Greetings! I'm here on behalf of the ass..."

"...You're not Steve."

Big purple dragon dude: "No, I'm Jalerrain."

Taisherou: "Jalerrain, the Tempest? ... ...From the Assembly?"

Jalerrain: "That's right."

"Who are you?"

Taisherou: "Who me? Just uh... T-Tai, the Forgettable."

Taisherou, thinking to himself: "Oh no."

"Fahrook is in trouble!"

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