Issue 19 Page 51
September 17, 2022
Issue 19 Page 51
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Issue 19 Page 51 September 17, 2022

Author Notes:

Oh snap.

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Taisherou: "You backstabbing bitch!"

Leilani: "Fahrook is a victim of his own patience."

"Sisari knew this. I knew this."

Leilani, Voice Over: "Aisha's situation would not allow him to wait. His words alone will not be enough to help her."

Sisari: "And now that I have finally unburdened myself of you AND Aisha..."

Sisari's voice begins to fade away in the mind of Fahrook, "Nothing will stand in my way..."

Sisari's words echo in Fahrook's mind, "...and Aisha..."

"...and Aisha..."

Leilani, Voice Over: "A catalyst was required for him to finally act."

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