Issue 19 Page 55
September 27, 2022
Issue 19 Page 55
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Issue 19 Page 55 September 27, 2022

Author Notes:

Well, I mean, when you put it that way.

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Leilani: "Now we have one more task we must complete before Fahrook finds Aisha."

Taisherou: "And that is?"

Leilani: "You must come with me to the facility."

Taisherou: "Oh HELL no."

"Chances are very good you're about to lead ME into a trap. I'm not as naive as Fahrook, Leilani."

Leilani: "No one should know better than you, self-styled god of chance and fortune, that the future is not immutable."

"That every action incurs a cost of a reaction, a consequence."

"Existence, itself, is a series of actions and consequences."

Leilani: "I need you, O Fortune, on my side."

"For Sisari's actions are going to incur a price that cost THE FUTURE for all life, everywhere."

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