Issue 19 Page 56
September 29, 2022
Issue 19 Page 56
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Issue 19 Page 56 September 29, 2022

Author Notes:

I guess she really doesn't like deep fried wings.

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Leilani, Voice Over: "Fahrook has a journey before him that will lead into the depths of Sisari's atrocities."

"Sisari represses much of her despair caused by mortal-kind."

Taisherou, Voice Over: "Ah, so that's why her wing..."

Leilani, Voice Over: "Yes, an injury she suffered from mortal-kind during her own mortal existence."

Leilani, Voice Over: "It limited her, her freedom. It forever changed her life. It forever changed HER."

"The scars ran so deep that it still shows, even on her chosen astral form."

"She exists here, unable to escape this prison of hatred."

"Fahrook will come face to face with the horrors that Sisari can't let go."


September 30, 2022: edit delete
Someones about to get an intervention..............

"Deep fried wings"..........seriously? LOL
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