Issue 19 Page 62
October 13, 2022
Issue 19 Page 62
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Issue 19 Page 62 October 13, 2022

Author Notes:

This is what happens when you let your processes get backed up: All hell breaks loose.

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Leilani, Narrating: "Fahrook is as predictable as he is reliable."

"He will release all the trapped souls in the orbs."

"Once he does, they will become incorporeal astral beings, as we are."

"Kaerwyn Dragons in everything but perhaps appearance."

"The sea of once-silenced voices will flood Kaerwyn. Waves of rancor will crash against the shores of Draconic apathy."

"The tortures and injustices thrust upon them will be known by all Kaerwyn Dragons."

"Their sheer numbers will overwhelm any attempt to extinguish them once more."

"This will finally put an end to the harvest."


October 13, 2022: edit delete
So is this a good thing or will it backfire badly?
October 15, 2022: edit delete
Rancor? Is that an actual word?? i thought it was a creature in the star wars universe...
October 15, 2022: edit delete
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