Issue 19 Page 63
October 15, 2022
Issue 19 Page 63
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Issue 19 Page 63 October 15, 2022

Author Notes:

Clever girl.

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Leilani, Narrating: "Sisari crossed a line, and will no doubt be on the defensive for the first time in her tenure as director of the Assembly."

Leilani, Narrating: "That will leave her distracted long enough for us to play our part in Kaerwyn's history."

Panel Note: At the Gateway Facility...

Taisherou: "Aisha knew, this whole time, didn't she? You planned this with her."

Leilani: "Actually, the entire plan was her idea. I agreed with it."

"Aisha knew Sisari would make a move against Fahrook, and would not hesitate to go after Aisha instead should sufficient proof be brought to bear."

"Did you not think Aisha sloppy to leave such obvious evidence of her sabotage?"

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