Issue 20 Page 7
January 3, 2023
Issue 20 Page 7
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Issue 20 Page 7 January 3, 2023

Author Notes:

And let's see what the other two are up to.

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Page Note: Meanwhile, at the tavern...

Taisherou/Gruff: "And so that's when we left for the Raekar Project. Err... what you call Raekarta."

Endymion: "I thought you said Sisari cursed you when the other Draekon manipulated control of the rifts."

Taisherou/Gruff: "Oh no, that whole story I just told was only the beginning."

"You see, when we became the Draekon of Raekarta, after leaving Kaerwyn--" He is interrupted by Kyessia.

Kyessia: "OH NO!"

"Sisari is healed!"

"They're coming."

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