Issue 20 Page 9
January 7, 2023
Issue 20 Page 9
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Issue 20 Page 9 January 7, 2023

Author Notes:

Things are getting a little heated.

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Endymion: "I appreciate the offer, but I think it best if we remain here."

Lorelei: "This ain't a request."

Niixa: "We're not going anywhere, s'krozt."

Lorelei: "I see."

Endymion: "Niixa! Run!"

Niixa: "I'm not leaving you, Endymion."

Lorelei: "Oh you done fucked up now, Blue."

"Didn't anyone tell ya? I'm immune to yer Art bullshit."


January 8, 2023: edit delete
Oh yeah magic fight
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